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Elektrisch rijden of autodelen, iets voor jou?


Wil je meer weten over het aanbod van elektrische auto’s, de kosten en laadmogelijkheden? Maastricht Bereikbaar helpt je graag op weg.

Try out an e-bike

Try out an e-bike for free. A good fit? Then purchase an e-bike with a discount. We’re also offering rewards to those who commute more regularly by bicycle or e-bike.

Right Tyre Pressure

Drive safely and check your tyres every two months. Have your tyres and tyre pressure checked for free during workhours or your visit at the city.

From lease to e-lease? Do it the E-asy way!


Want to lease electric cars but still have current leases running? Maastricht Bereikbaar helps you to switch from a lease to an e-lease

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André ter Horst over de Arriva Nextbike
André ter Horst over de Arriva Nextbike

“Met een Arriva Nextbike betaal ik alleen de enkele reis.”

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Koningsnacht en -dag

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