Accessibility during Magical Maastricht

This year's edition of Magical Maastricht will be held from Friday 1 December 2017 to 1 January 2018. Throughout December, we will have some great deals for you to travel to Maastricht and events, so you can avoid traffic. Visitors from other locations in the region can once again purchase a €2 day return for Arriva trains from Sittard or Parkstad and for bus number 350 from Vaals. Please note: these tickets are only available online as e-tickets. This is a limited offer. For more information and smart travel deals, please visit

Cycling to Maastricht?

We're calling on all Maastricht residents to travel by bicycle as often as possible. Please use the bicycle-parking facilities in and around the city. 

But if you do have to travel by car...

Make sure you enjoy the whole day by planning a ‘smart’ journey, too. Please visit for up-to-date information on roadworks, closures, diversions, and congestion.

Please note: Maastricht's road infrastructure has changed a lot recently. So please switch off your satellite navigation and pay close attention to the road signs.

Tips for parking 

  • Try to avoid Noorderbrug and John F. Kennedybrug bridges by parking on the side of the Meuse you are coming from. That way, you can avoid delays and congestion.
  • It is cheaper to park on the outskirts than in the city centre. You can travel cheaply and quickly from P+R Maastricht Noord (North) or P+R Maastricht Zuid (South) to the city centre.
  • P+R Maastricht Noord (to the north of the city): park for free and travel with bus number 10 (four times an hour) to the city centre for only €2 per person (day return).  The group fare for groups of three to five is €5.
  • P+R Maastricht Zuid (to the south of the city, in P5 MECC): you can park for free if you are travelling to the centre (with bus number 10, getting off at any stop from Prins Bisschopssingel) or Wyck (bus number 1 or 5, getting off at any stop from Centre Céramique) and back to the car park on the same day.
  • We haven't forgotten our Belgian visitors from Lanaken, either! Having consulted with the local municipality, you can now park for free at the Engelse Hof car park in Lanaken and can continue your journey by bus from the Lanaken Cultureel Centrum stop on Breulsstraat. Standard fare per trip: from €1.80 (via app or SMS ticket), or €3 per person (if purchased from the bus driver).
  • Of course, you can also park close to the city. Please look at our Smart Map for information on parking spaces and ticket prices.
  • Please visit for up-to-date information on available spaces. 
  • Information about parking for coaches and information about parking for camper vans.
  • Follow our Facebook and Twitter pages for up-to-date travel information. 

Reserve a parking spot

If you want to make sure there's a parking spot for you, you can reserve one in De Colonel or Cabergerweg car parks (run by Q-Park). Please visit Q-Park's website to make a reservation.

Slim en goedkoop naar Magisch Maastricht

Travel smart to Magical Maastricht! Make use of our offers for the bus, train, P+R, or bicycle.

Want to go to the heart of town for less?

You can travel from here every day of the week by shuttle bus into the heart of town for €2 per person.