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Parking in Maastricht for students

Maastricht Bereikbaar's aims to keep the city connected and accessible both now and in the future. Reducing traffic jams is part of this mission. As a student, you can also help to keep the city accessible – even if you travel by car. 

  • Are you studying in Maastricht and travelling (almost) daily by car to the city centre or Randwyck? You can park your car in a few places in the area such as P+R Maastricht Noord and P+R Bunde. Then it’s only a short distance by public transport with your OV-chipkaart. In addition, Maastricht University offers students the possibility to park at Maastricht Randwyck for free.
  • Do you live just across the border and travel to Maastricht by car? You can then apply for an inexpensive parking permit for foreign students at Maastricht Council.  Then you’re assured that you car is parked in the right space, good for you, great for the city’s residents.
  • Have you ever considered carpooling? Travelling together is good for the environment, your wallet, and for the accessibility of the city. 
Parking permit for international students

The Municipality of Maastricht allows international students to apply for a parking permit under certain conditions. 

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