Welcome to Maastricht

We offer solutions to help students travel smart. 

Public transport for students

As a student in the Netherlands, you can travel to and from your institute free of charge or at a discount when using public transport. Maastricht is easily accessible by public transport.

Using public transport together with your bicycle

When you get off the bus or train and want to quickly continue towards your destination, you can easily use a shared bicycle. Maastricht has two bicycle-sharing systems:

  • You can continue your journey with a public transport bike (OV-fiets), which can be rented at Maastricht railway station for a small fee each day.
  • You could also rent a Nextbike, which is an ideal solution for short trips. Maastricht University students enjoy additional discounts.

Bicycles and bicycle storage

If you live in Maastricht and want your own bicycle, you can purchase one at a bicycle dealership or you can rent one. You can read more about the benefits of renting on www.swapfiets.nl

It is forbidden to park your bicycle outside designated bicycle-parking areas in Maastricht. That is why there are many designated bicycle-parking areas spread around the city. There are a number of guarded bicycle-parking facilities, including the underground bicycle-parking facility at Maastricht's main railway station. Opened last year, you can park your bicycle here for free for the first 24 hours. Please note that you need a public transport pass for this! If you don't have one, you can use the free temporary pass.

Car-parking facilities

As a student, you can also help to keep the city accessible. We love giving you smart parking tips that allow you to park for free.

Useful info for students

If you are new to Maastricht, go to the municipality's website for useful info about registering and other matters.