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Free parking at P+R Maastricht Noord

If you are travelling by car to attend lectures in Maastricht and would prefer not to pay for parking, then travel via P+R Maastricht Noord and continue your journey by bus or train.

Free parking at P+R Maastricht Noord!

If you are travelling by car to go to lectures in Maastricht and would prefer not to pay for parking, park at P+R Maastricht Noord. This is an easily accessible car park when coming off the A2/A79. From the car park you can travel to the city centre or to Randwyck at a discount with bus 10 or with bus 30 to the central railwaystation by using the Arriva Nextbike bicycle-sharing scheme. 

  • You can always park your car for free at P+R Noord and pay just €2.20 for a return bus ticket to your lectures in the city centre or in Randwyck!
  • You can also leave your car at the car park for a few days. Your car is safe here and does not cause any nuisance.
  • Bus 10 departs every fifteen minutes and takes you from P+R Noord to your lecture, the library, or back to your room in no time at all. In the city centre and in Randwyck there are several locations where you can get off the bus right in front of your lecture hall. This means you'll never be late! 
  • Bus 30 departs every half hour to the central railwaystation. 

Season ticket for bus number 10 and 30

If you use P+R Maastricht Noord several times a week, you should consider a season ticket for Arriva bus line 10 or 30. This means you do not have to purchase a ticket for each journey, and it saves you money!

  • Price: €27.25 per month
  • Valid on the following days: Seven days a week on bus number 10 and bus number 30.
  • You can buy a season ticket via the online store or at one of the Arriva service shops. Keep your public transport card number (OV-chipkaartnummer) handy. 
  • After purchasing a season ticket, you can immediately load it onto your public transport pass at a terminal located in the bus, at the station, or at one of the official service points.
  • For more information, visit the Arriva website: www.arriva.nl.
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