Travel cheaply through the city with a shared bicycle from Arriva Nextbike 

If you like having a bicycle that is reliable, won't get stolen, with lights that work, and always have a place to park it, then the Arriva Nextbike bicycle-sharing scheme is for you. Participate now and receive 50% discount on your subscription!

How does it work?

Pick-up and drop-off locations are at central locations in Maastricht, including the train stations. In the future there will also be pick-up and drop-off locations created near some of the Maasticht University faculties. You can easily hire a shared bicycle using a free app for your mobile phone. A trip of a maximum of 30 minutes costs €1.50. You can pay with your credit card which is linked to the app.

50% discount on your subscription

Travel cheaply with a subscription to Arriva Nextbike shared bicycle scheme. If you are a student of Maastricht University, you'll receive 50% discount on your subscription. You pay just €30 per year for unlimited access to the shared bicycles for up to thirty minutes per ride. You will pay €1 extra for each subsequent 30 minutes.

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