How to continue your journey within Maastricht

When arriving at Maastricht main central station you are actually at the edge of the city centre. For further travelling there are several options at your disposal: 

  • Maastricht is a compact city. The distance from Maastricht central station to the Vrijthof is just over 1km.
  • You can reach the authentic urban neighbourhood of Wyck within 10 minutes and then it’s just over the Sint Servaasbrug to the old town’s centre.
  • A five minute bus journey brings you to the heart of Maastricht, the Markt and the Town Hall (from here the Vrijthof is a mere five minute walk).The bus takes you within 5 minutes to the heart of Maastricht. 
  • For shorter distances you can rent an (e-)bike (called OV-fiets). You can do this at the underground bicycle-parking facility railway station.
  • At the underground bicycle-parking facility railway station you can park your bicycle for free for the first 24 hours. You will need a public transport pass (‘OV-chipkaart’) to check in to the facility and park and collect your bicycle. If you don't have a pass, you can collect a free temporary pass from one of the employees at the facility.
  • There are several taxi ranks right in front of the station.
  • You can park your car at the P+R area at the main central station. By taking out a Greenwheels-abonnement you can have a car at your disposal any time you need it. 

Travel advice