Maastricht Centraal

Maastricht central station is a substantial international interchange with more than 10,000 travellers passing through every day. The station is located on the edge of the city centre and provides connections with all Arriva bus lines within Maastricht.

P+R parking area
Next to Maastricht central station there is a large P+R area where train travellers can inexpensively park their car and make onward journeys by train. There are 340 parking spaces and the parking area is open 24/7.

Those travelling by train with an OV-chipkaart (travelcard) or an NS-Business Card receive a discount on their parking and only pay a maximum of €5 per day. 


Stationsplein 27
6221 BT Maastricht

Current departure times from Maastricht Centraal

Time To Platform Through Trip details
06:56 Maastricht Randwyck 6 stoptrein
07:01 Alkmaar 1 Sittard, Eindhoven, Utrecht C Intercity
07:08 Heerlen 6 Valkenburg stoptrein
07:11 Roermond 4b Sittard stoptrein
07:19 Aachen H 5b Meerssen, Valkenburg, Heerlen Sneltrein
07:21 Maastricht Randwyck 4b stoptrein
07:26 Maastricht Randwyck 6 stoptrein
07:31 Alkmaar 1 Sittard, Eindhoven, Utrecht C Intercity
07:38 Heerlen 6 Valkenburg stoptrein
07:41 Roermond 4b Sittard stoptrein
07:49 Heerlen 5b Meerssen, Valkenburg Sneltrein
07:49 Liege Guillemins 5a Maastricht Randw, Vise stoptrein

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