By bus

Arriva provides bus transport in Limburg.

Maastricht city bus

You can catch the bus from the main railway station to travel quickly and easily to the city centre. View the map for more information. You can pay using your public transport pass (‘OV-chipkaart') or purchase your ticket directly from the driver.

  • Bus 1 Maastricht De Heeg – Maastricht Malberg
  • Bus 2 Maastricht De Heeg – Maastricht Oud Caberg
  • Bus 3 Maastricht Wolder – Maastricht Nazareth
  • Bus 4 Maastricht Pottenberg – Valkenburg
  • Bus 5 Maastricht Daalhof – Maastricht Heugem – Eijsden
  • Bus 6 Maastricht Daalhof – Maastricht Amby
  • Bus 7 Maastricht Caberg – Maastricht Sint Pieter
  • Bus 8 Maastricht Boschpoort – Bemelen – Valkenburg
  • Bus 9 Bunde – Maastricht
  • Bus 10 P+R Maastricht Noord – Maastricht Randwyck – P+R Maastricht Zuid (busstop Randwycksingel) Maastricht Heer – Gulpen

Please visit Arriva's website for more information on its bus services and timetables. 

Maastricht regional bus

The regional bus connections have been coordinated as effectively as possible so that you can travel to many destinations easily by public transport. You can pay using your public transport pass (‘OV-chipkaart') or purchase your ticket directly from the driver.

  • Bus 30 Sittard – Maastricht Airport – Maastricht
  • Bus 57 Maastricht – Mheer – Gulpen
  • Bus 350 Maastricht – Gulpen – Vaals – Aachen (Qliner) 

Download the bus network map for Limburg or the bus network map for Heuvelland. Plan your journey via Arriva's website or on

Travelling within the Euregio Meuse-Rhine

You can also travel around the Euregio easily by bus.

  • Travel from Maastricht to Aachen by bus with Arriva's 350 Qliner. Tickets can be purchased on the bus, or you can pay with your public transport pass (‘OV-chipkaart').
  • Travel from Maastricht to Hasselt in Belgium (via Genk or directly), Tongeren, and Eisden (in Belgium) with De Lijn. You can purchase a ticket from the driver or in advance .
  • Travel from Maastricht to Liège with TEC. You can purchase a ticket from the driver.
  • Arriva's ‘Euregioticket’ is a convenient way of travelling by bus or train through the Meuse-Rhine region – and it only costs €19 a day. You can purchase the ticket from the bus driver, Arriva's official service points, or online. You can buy tickets that are valid for a week or a weekend.
  • FlixBus mobility provider operates bus services from the Netherlands to many international destinations.

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