Business travel 

Maastricht is easily accessible by public transport, so to for business travel. There are various tickets, travelcards and season passes available for professional use.

Business OV-chipkaart (travelcard)

Alongside the OV-chipkaart for private use, there’s also a business OV-chipkaart. These can be useful when you or your employees travel frequently by public transport for business purposes. There are four providers that are TLS certified to offer the business OV-chipkaart:

NS Business Card

NS offers their own travelcard for business travel: the NS-Business Card.

More information about the NS-Business Card

Arriva Voor Elkaar Pas

Arriva also as the possibility to travel with their own travelcard.

More information aboit the Arriva Voor Elkaar Pas

More information

With all these travelcards, you can travel the length of the Netherlands by bus, train, tram or metro. In addition, you can also use other transport services. For further information about the travelcards on offer, please go to the provider’s website.