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Get moving! Switch your commute

Choosing a different way to commute has many advantages. Leaving the car at home saves you money, is better for the environment, and even makes you healthier. Zuid-Limburg Bereikbaar is offering trials, some of which are completely free, to help you make the switch to an e-bike and public transport (combined with a folding bike or P+R). There are also trials for those who can’t avoid using the car. These include an e-car, or an option to park on the outskirts of the city and travel the final kilometres to your destination by folding bike, an Arriva Nextbike/NS shared bicycle, or by walking. If you have to use the car, you’ll drive more safely and use much less fuel if you make sure that your tyre pressure is correct.
After the trial, if you decide to make the switch to your new means of transport, we’ll give you tips on purchasing an e-bike, e-car, or season ticket. 

More information on the trials and campaigns can be found on our website MaakdeBeweging.nl.

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