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Products and services

Products and services

Traffic jams, climate change, saving money, improved fitness, no space to park... there are many reasons to drive less. Find out which way of commuting suits you best. The campaigns marked with an asterisk are only open to employees of employers who are affiliated with Zuid-Limburg Bereikbaar.
Only for employees of affiliated partners
Free parking at P+R Noord

With the monthly subscription, you benefit from free parking and cheap travel with bus number 10 or 30.

Free parking
Slimme Bandenpomp P+R Noord
The smart tyre pump P+R Noord

Inflate your tyres for free at the smart tyre pump at P+R Maastricht Noord at any time of day or night.

The smart tyre pump
P+R Maastricht Centraal Station
P+R Station -> train

Taking the train from Maastricht? Your public transport pass (‘OV-chipkaart’) or NS Business Card will get you a discount on parking at P+R Maastricht Station.

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Discover the e-bike

Anyone who lives or works in South Limburg can try an e-bike, speed bike, or electric cargo bike for one week, free of charge.

Discover the e-bike
Arriva Trein Zuid Limburg
For partners only
Discover public transport

Travel to work for free with public transport for up to eight weeks and park at the railway station for free or borrow a folding bike.

Discover public transport
Elektrische Auto BMW I3
For partners only
Discover the e-car

Try an electric vehicle almost for free for two weeks. Experience the benefits of electric vehicles.

Discover electric vehicles
Inez Delsing Het Nieuwe Rijden
Eco-friendly driving

If you really can't give up your car, you could think of eco-friendlier ways to drive, such as electric vehicles or carpooling.

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Band Op Spanning Brightlands
Right tyre pressure

If you want to travel safely and cheaply, then be sure to have your tyre pressure checked every two months. During our promotional offer, you can have it checked for free!

Do the right tyre pressure check
Binnenstadservice Maastricht
Logistics solutions

Are you a business owner looking for logistics solutions? We’ll help you put together a specific set of measures tailored to your company.

To logistiekbereikbaar.nl
Luchtfoto Maastricht Infraprojecten
Area-based approach

We're joining forces in inner cities and economic centres, so that we can contribute to national, provincial, and municipal ambitions.

To area-based approach