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Smart travel to and in Maastricht

Traffic jams, climate change, saving money, improved fitness, no space to park... there are many reasons to drive less. Discover how you can travel to Maastricht cheaper, faster, or more sustainably or which mode of transport best suits your commuting needs. Options include travelling via a P+R Maastricht Noord or cycling the last few kilometres on a shared bicycle from the train station. Maastricht Bereikbaar has special offers and campaigns to encourage you to make the transition from the car to the e-bike or public transport or to use the P+R car parks located on the outskirts of the city. Commuters can also make use of special offers and campaigns to travel to work in a different way. The campaigns marked with an asterisk are only open to employees of employers who are affiliated with Zuid-Limburg Bereikbaar.
Only for employees of affiliated partners