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More and more employers in South Limburg are looking for concrete opportunities to develop sustainable business policies and healthy employment practices. These themes can be a part of your business strategy and philosophy (Corporate Social Responsibility), however they also have the power to differentiate you from your competitors. Maastricht Bereikbaar guides employers towards the opportunities that map out these long lasting sustainable measures and transform them into reality.

Introductory meeting

During an introductory meeting, whether over the phone or in person, our Mobility Agent maps out your mobility options together with you. Options such as the “greening” of travel expenses, guidance in the creation of new parking policy, extension of business operating hours and enabling working from home. We also offer specific products and services with the aim of encouraging employees to commute more regularly by bicycle or public transport instead of driving to work.

Mobility Scan

After the introductory meeting, those employers who can see the possibility of a collaboration with Maastricht Bereikbaar are offered a free Mobility Scan (valued at €1,500). Through this analysis, we map out the current employee travel behaviours and we show you the total number of employees for whom there are real alternatives to travelling by car in the rush hour. We also conduct an analysis of employment conditions, supplemented by a brief analysis of the mobility costs. In order to get a good picture of the situation, we also compare the terms of a benchmark survey with other affiliated employers.

Becoming a programme partner

After we present you with the results of the Mobility Scan, you can then decide to become a Maastricht Bereikbaar programme partner. As a partner, you can then use the products and services that we have on offer. Employers pay a “contribution” of €10 per employee (up to €5,000). In return you can make unlimited use of all our services.

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Contact one of our Mobility Agents.

Right Tyre Pressure

Drive safely and check your tyres every two months. Have your tyres and tyre pressure checked for free during workhours or your visit at the city.

From lease to e-lease? Do it the E-asy way!


Want to lease electric cars but still have current leases running? Maastricht Bereikbaar helps you to switch from a lease to an e-lease