If you travel vi aP+R Maastricht Noord to the city centre several times a week, you should consider a season ticket for Arriva bus number 10. This means you do not have to purchase a ticket for each journey, and it saves you even more money! 

  • Price: €25 per month
  • Valid on the following days: Seven days a week on bus number 10 within the Maastricht city region. 
  • You can buy a season ticket via the online store or at one of the Arriva service shops. Keep your public transport card number (OV-chipkaartnummer) handy. 
  • After purchasing a season ticket, you can immediately load it onto your public transport pass at a terminal located in the bus, at the station, or at one of the official service points.
  • For additional information, please visit the Arriva website: www.arriva.nl

Order the season ticket 


Clint Kisters about P+R Maastricht Noord
Clint Kisters about P+R Maastricht Noord

“I find the P+R incredibly convenient. I step straight out of the car, into the shuttle bus and then out again at the front entrance to work.”

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This is my P+R day