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8 April 2020

Update 6 April: Road closures of border crossings with Belgium

Belgium is currently enforcing stricter measures than the Netherlands. Only essential travel is permitted. If you want to cross the border with Belgium You are only allowed to cross the border with Belgium for the following seven reasons:

  1. Commuting: only allowed with an employer's statement. People in essential roles can receive a permit to pass border checks more quickly.
  2. Continuing to provide medical care.
  3. Offering assistance or care to a person who is elderly, a minor, disabled, or vulnerable.
  4. Attending a funeral of a family member.
  5. Co-parenting children who are not of age.
  6. Providing care to your pets that are located abroad.
  7. Picking up a member of your family from an airport in one of our neighbouring countries. 

Keep in mind that border checks will result in longer waiting times at the border.

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