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5 December 2019

Park smart during December

If you drive to Maastricht in December for some shopping or to see Magical Maastricht, then make sure to use our parking tips so that you are prepared for your journey.

Smart parking tips

  • You can park your car at P+R Maastricht Noord for free if you then travel onward to the city centre by bus (day return is €2 per person, and the group fare for 3-5 persons is €5) on bus number 10 or 30. Each ticket is valid for one adult and a maximum of two children from ages four to eleven.
  • You can also park in the city centre: Maastricht is a compact city, so nothing is ever too far away. If you park at a P+W location on the outskirts of town, you pay fixed daily parking rate and can walk to the city centre within ten minutes.
  • Please look at our Smart Map for information on parking spaces and parking charges at multistorey car parks
  • We recommend that you park on the side of the Meuse river that you are coming from to avoid traffic congestion on the Noorderbrug and John F. Kennedybrug bridges over the Meuse.
  • Parking tip: Do not leave any valuable items in your car if you park on the street.

Paid parking during additional late shopping evenings 

During additional late shopping evenings on 5, 20, 21, and 23 December, people who park their cars on the streets in the city centre must also pay for the duration of their parking. People who park their cars must buy a valid parking ticket at one of the ticket machines, which operate on a licence plate recognition (LPR) parking system. After parking, follow the instructions on the ticket machine display and enter your car's number plate. You do not need to display a ticket in your windscreen. However, you can print a receipt for your own records. You can pay with coins, a bank card, or via a mobile parking app. Paying with your mobile phone means you only pay for the exact amount of time that you were parked. You can pay by calling, texting, via mobile internet, or via an app.

Disabled parking Remember your blue parking disc!

If you park on a disabled parking space, please make sure that you have both a disabled parking card and a correctly set blue parking disc visible in your windscreen. You will then be exempt from paid parking for three hours. If you only have one or neither the disabled parking card or parking disc, then you need to purchase a parking ticket at the ticket machine or pay for parking using your mobile phone.

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