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‘Zuid-Limburg in Beweging’ (South Limburg on the Move) Autumn Challenge

Good news! From 15 September, employees of Maastricht Bereikbaar's partners will be able to gain credits with their bicycle, by using public transport, or via P+R journeys even faster. Sign up for the exciting Autumn Challenge and put together your dream team! Gain extra credits and set challenges for other team members!

The Autumn Challenge is a 50-day challenge that you can take on as part of a team. You will challenge each other to make as many journeys as possible by bicycle, public transport, or via an P+R to and from work or your place of study. Each team member will receive extra credits for each journey, meaning you can reach the maximum number of credits even faster! 

How to take part

  • If you're an employee of one of Maastricht Bereikbaar's partners,
  • form a team with other people participating in South Limburg on the Move (min. 2 and max. 10 people) before 15 September.
  • Appoint a team leader, who will register the team for the challenge in the TimesUpp app. To register your team, go to the Team tab in the ‘On the Move’ menu.
  • To sign up as a participant in South Limburg on the Move alongside your team, select ‘Join a team’ and search for the team name given by your team leader.
  • Get moving! Use your bicycle, public transport, or the P+R to gain extra credits for 50 days starting 15 September!

Sign up!

If you want to take part in the Autumn Challenge, download the TimesUpp app and sign up now. Read more about the campaign on The bigger the team, the more fun you'll have and the more likely you'll be top of the ‘On the Move Together leader board’.