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Winners of the ‘Park your bike and win!’ prize draw

From 9 December 2016 to 8 January 2017, you were able to take part in the prize draw for an e-bike or one of the other prizes if you parked your bicycle at participating bicycle parking facilities in the centre of Maastricht. The winner has since been announced.

The ‘Park your bike and win!’ prize draw was a great success. Many visitors cycled to the city centre during the busy December month. Everyone who parked a bicycle in the participating bicycle parking facilities was given a ticket for the prize draw.

Winner of the e-bike

A whopping 17,450 tickets were handed out during the campaign. Of these, 6,597 codes were entered on Maastricht Bereikbaar’s website, and a winner was selected at random from these. This is the code AJYYQTRT from Hans Königs. We hope you enjoy your new bicycle or e-bike!

Winners of the VVV gift vouchers

The winners of the other prizes (VVV gift vouchers) will be contacted this week. The winning codes are:

  • U228TW6P
  • 3WKBUT63
  • 9W2PBB3R
  • Z7YV6D32
  • 44QH25KS
  • 7TAPURV9
  • YM4R2C5A
  • SU8BZ7DN
  • YNU2KKH8
  • EFC36CP8
  • 4ZXD2A5V
  • ZBV62X7Q
  • KJHS9DF9

We would like to thank everyone who took part. Together, we can keep Maastricht accessible