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Traffic on the Maastricht roads network

Travel smart! Use public transport, the P+R’s or cycle during the days when traffic is at its busiest. Try to avoid the morning and evening rush hours. On 11 November it will be extra busy in town. Be prepared and check out the following tips for commuters and visitors.


Do you commute to Maastricht for work? Keep abreast of traffic congestion and travel smart: use public transport, the Park + Ride (P+R) areas or cycle to work. If you can’t ditch the car, avoid the morning and evening rush hours or utilise the P+R areas.

  • If you use the A2/A79: avoid Beatrixhaven and the Noorderbrug. You can park for free at P+R Maastricht Noord and travel onwards to the city centre for just €1 per person return on the no.100 shuttle bus. The shuttle bus operates four times an hour and on 29, 30 and 31 October and 1 November it will run until 20:00 (instead of 19:00).
  • If you’re coming from Bunde: you can park for free at P+R Bunde and travel onwards by train to Maastricht central station or Maastricht Randwyck. The Veolia trains run every half hour and the ticket price is €2.20.
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Do you have plans to visit Maastricht? Make the most out of your day by making a smart travel plan. Your better choice will be to use public transport, park at a P+R or come by bicycle. If you’re set on arriving by car, ensure you plan smart and park smart to avoid the morning and evening rush hours. This means that after 18:30h you’ll be faced with less traffic and traffic congestion will have already disappeared when you are heading back out of town.

Tips for visitors:

  • Park on the edge of town. It’s cheaper than in the city centre. You can park your car for free and make your onward journey swiftly and cost effectively by using the no.100 shuttle bus. The shuttle bus operates four times an hour and costs just €1 per person return to the centre of town. Please note: on 29, 30, 31 October and 1 November the shuttle bus will operate until 20:00h instead of 19:00h.
  • Try to avoid the Noorderbrug and the Kennedybrug and park on the same side of the river that you are travelling from. For parking area real time availability please go to
  • Maastricht is a compact city, this means that each parking area is located within a 10-15 minute walk from the city centre.
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