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Traffic in and around Maastricht as of 16 December

We would like to remind you of the new traffic conditions on the A2/N2 motorway starting on 16 December 2016. Please keep in mind that the motorway will be closed in the evenings and at night starting on 12 December 2016 in preparation for the opening of the A2 tunnel.

New A2/N2 routes

Through traffic travelling in the direction of Maastricht (A2) and the surrounding region (N2) will be separated early into the correct lanes via new signposting. Traffic coming from Eindhoven and Heerlen will be separated at the Kruisdonk interchange. Traffic coming from Liège will be separated at junction 55 of the A2 (Randwyck), well before the Europaplein interchange. If you follow the signs to your destination, you will automatically be guided to the correct lane.

New names

The signs also display new names for access lanes; for example: Maastricht Zuid, Maastricht Noord, Maastricht Centrum-Noord and Maastricht Centrum-Zuid. Visit to find out which direction you should follow to reach your destination. This website also contains more information about the opening of the tunnel and a link to a page with local driving routes.

Evening and night closures

To prepare for the opening of the tunnel, the motorway and several major roads will be closed during the evening and at night in the week of 12 December. If you plan on travelling by car, make sure you check the traffic situation in advance on You can also use one of the alternative transport options. During Magical Maastricht, you can travel to the city centre by public transport for free or for a heavily discounted rate.