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Traffic disruptions during Noorderbrug route realignment

You’ll notice from the end of August that works will have begun on the Noorderbrugtracé Project (Noorderbrug route realignment). Traffic disruptions will unfortunately be inevitable during this period. We’ve gathered the crucial information regarding the roadworks and set it out for you below.

There will be long- and short-term closures and detours during the construction works. Expect some possible delays to your journey and consult the Smart Map before departure so you can keep abreast of the live traffic situation.

One-way traffic at Fort Willemweg    mb_zw_cmyk_bus_bus.pngmb_zw_cmyk_auto_auto_1.png

From Monday 29 August the stretch of road along Fort Willemweg between Cabergerweg and Gentelaan will become one-way only. This is necessary for the realization of the new traffic set up in Maastricht-West. Phase 1 of these works will run until mid-March 2017:

  • Car traffic travelling towards Maastricht-West and Belgium (via Via Regia) may continue through. Please note: you will not be able to turn right between Cabergerweg and Gentelaan. This will only be possible further onwards at the Brusselseweg roundabout. Traffic will be detoured from Maastricht-West via the Noorderbrug. Approximate extra journey time for this detour: less than 10 minutes.
  • Cyclists, scooters, mopeds and pedestrians may continue in both directions.
  • Buses travelling east will also be detoured. Buses travelling towards Maastricht-West will follow the usual route. The bus stop at Frans van de Laarplein will not be in use during this time. There will be a temporary replacement bus stop at Brusselsestraat/Fagotstraat. eenrichtingsverkeer_fort_willemweg.jpg

Closure Gebr. van Limburgstraat mb_zw_cmyk_auto_auto_1.png

  • Gebroeders van Limburgstraat will be closed to through traffic from 29 August up to and including 5 September 2016. Approximate anticipated extra journey time: 5-10 minutes.

Closure Gebr. van Limburgstraat mb_zw_cmyk_auto_auto_1.pngmb_zw_cmyk_fiets_p_w.pngmb_zw_cmyk_zakenman_1.png

  • Lage Frontweg will be closed to through traffic, including cyclists, scooters, mopeds and pedestrians. Approximate anticipated extra journey time: less than 5 minutes.

Disruptions from late September onwards

After the summer the reconstruction of the intersection at the fire station in Maastricht-East will commence. Borgharenweg will be the first to undergo such works and will therefore be closed to through traffic from the end of September. 

Further information

You can keep up-to-date with the schedule of the construction works and its knock-on effects via the Noorderbrugtracé Project newsletter. The works that will have the most impact on our roadways in the second half of 2016 are listed on the Noorderbrugtracé Project website.