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Together on the way to a more accessible region

The summer holidays are almost upon us again. It’s time to look ahead, because from the end of August 2016 onwards there are lots of works planned in Maastricht. Whether you are travelling by car, by bus or by bicycle you will undoubtedly come upon them. There will be closures and detours a plenty. Road users should take into account possible traffic delays in both the long and short term.

Maastricht is working hard to improve its infrastructure to achieve better accessibility for the city and the region. That in turn contributes to a more pleasant working and living environment.

Work in progress

Steps towards opening the A2 tunnel for use will be made by the end of 2016. Meanwhile, preparations for the above ground refurbishment of the Groene Loper (Green [not Red] Carpet) continue. After the summer holiday the works will commence on the changes to the Noorderbrug. From September onwards there will be various works carried out for the conversion of existing roads, the laying of new roads and the new lane approach to the bridge. At the end of 2016 renovation works on the bridge itself will begin. Construction works at Maastricht central station have been in full swing since spring 2016 for the new underground bicycle parking area. In addition, there will be various individual projects planned from autumn onwards, such as the refurbishment of Ambyerstraat-Noord.

Inevitable traffic congestion

There is much to be done in the second half of 2016. During the execution of these works the city and surrounding areas can be kept as accessible as possible through smart planning and scheduling as well as ensuring a good range of alternatives are available for travelling by car. However, disruptions to road users will be inevitable. Motorists, moped and scooter users and cyclists will have to face road closures, detours and in some cases, additional journey time. At the same time there will be new traffic situations and old reliable routes will have been changed. This will require extra vigilance from everyone who will be using our roads. 

Smart(er) en route

You can keep yourself informed of planned roadworks and construction works by consulting the individual project websites. They also have newsletters that you can subscribe to. At Maastricht Bereikbaar we want to help you to be well prepared before you head out on the roads. Prior to departure check our Smart Map This map gives you detailed and live information about road closures, detours, traffic congestion and parking options. Also, via our fortnightly newsletter we give you all the up-to-date information about our offers such as the public transport discounts available during construction works and special events.

On the Move

Do you travel regularly over the Kennedybrug or Noorderbrug? Then we can already let you know that there will be a special offer available in September for you to travel smart(er). More information about this promotion will follow later in the summer. Are you an employee of a Maastricht Bereikbaar programme partner? Then you can already get involved

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