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To work on rollerblades

Ali Daaou (55) from Vaals does not have a car. “A car is dangerous” he says. “I would wake up later and become lazy. I don't want that. Without a car I am forced to look for an alternative for my travel to work.”

Ali, a small installations planner at Enexis, has found his alternative: his rollerblades. “For me, skating is a combination of sport and transport. It is good for your wellbeing, you are outside and it gives you an enormous feeling of freedom. I feel really strong, I haven't been sick for 15 years.” 

Ali takes the bus to Margraten in the morning. When he steps off the bus, he puts on his rollerblades and speeds to work in Beatrixhaven, Maastricht in twenty minutes. “It's just enough time for me to wake up.” he says laughing. On the way back Ali is even more sporty: He skates the whole way on his rollerblades.

Ali takes the bicycle or the bus more often only in the winter. Or when it rains heavily. “But that doesn't happen that often. Before I leave I check the weather forecast. The bus departs every 15 minutes, so if I need to I can get on the bus. The bus driver who knows me by now, jokes: 'You have a flat tire?' Rollerblades are really handy. You put them in your backpack and off you go. I take them everywhere I go, even on trekking tours in Nepal or India. As long as I can, I'll skate. I'll only stop when I really can't do it anymore.”