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The e-bike trial pool begins 1 July: “Discover the e-bike”

Maastricht Bereikbaar will start the new trial pool on 1 July, with 40 e-bikes, 5 of which are speed bikes and 5 will be “specials”. Do you work at one of the Maastricht Bereikbaar programme partners? Then you can, over the course of a week, test out whether an e-bike is the right commute alternative for you.

“Discover the e-bike” is the follow up to the earlier e-bike trial offers from Maastricht Bereikbaar. The tender has been awarded and we’re going to run this trial pool together with Cycle Centre cycle hire. The programme partners have responded full of enthusiasm, just as in previous years. We are hoping to again provide many employees in Maastricht, and in the rest of south Limburg, the opportunity to discover the e-bike.


Collaboration with Cycle Center

The decision to award the contract to Cycle Center was done so through a European tender process. The company teamed up with eCarConnect for this project. Maastricht Bereikbaar sees this as a strong team with a lot of knowledge in the field of e-bikes, service and maintenance, and there was also a lot of thought put in about communication and a follow-up program. We are delighted that a 'local' party (from south Limburg) emerged as the best from the tender process. Cycle Center and Maastricht Access are now hard at work to start the trail period in July.

Central distribution point
This year we’re also encouraging those who cross the Maas to discover the e-bike. There will be a central distribution point in the city where employees of both inner city and smaller companies can also easily collect their e-bikes.

There are also five “specials” available for the trial period. One being an e-bakfiets for bringing the children to and from school, and there’s also a fold-up e-bike available for those who cycle to and from public transport. 

How does it work?
You can reserve your choice of e-bike online and then you can come and collect it from the distribution point on the agreed date and time. If you found your trial period successful, once completed, you can discuss the possiblities of purchasing one for yourself. Then we guide you through the whole process of finding a suitable e-bike. You receive detailed advice about purchasing options, discounts and financing arrangements and we inform you about a suitable bicycle shop that can advise you on different types and models. website
There is a website in development being created specifically for this particular offer, how to register and the possible outcomes once completed (purchase, discounts and financing arrangements). You’ll soon be able to discover all the relevant information about “Discover the e-bike” at