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Thank you! Together, we've managed to keep Maastricht accessible.

Maastricht – which includes the builders and all those who travelled smart – pulled off a major feat from 7 to 21 August: we avoided traffic disruption while Noorderbrug bridge was closed. We are extremely proud of everyone who parked smart, avoided travelling at rush hour, or took part in one of our smart campaigns. We'd like to say a big thank you to all residents, commuters, and visitors. We are very grateful for your understanding and patience!

The recent road closures haven't caused too much trouble for various reasons. For one, the works were carried out over the summer holidays, and there were various traffic measures. Secondly, you travelled smart. And thirdly, Maastricht's traffic control centre made adjustments where necessary. It only became busy on a few days during the evening rush hour on Kennedybrug bridge – the only point at which cars could cross the Meuse. But even though there was some disruption, there were no major problems. This is a fantastic result that we can all be proud of.

Smart travel campaigns

We're also happy with the results from our smart travel campaigns. For instance, thanks to our combined cycling effort over the past two weeks, we made 196,000 journeys over the bridges across the Meuse. Around 130 people took advantage of our offer to try out an e-bike for free. Besides that, 200 people bought a discounted public transport pass, and more than 11,000 ‘€2’ train and bus tickets were sold. There was also a big uptake in the smart parking campaign: 80% of the spaces at P+R Maastricht Noord were occupied almost every day. Of course, we'd be extremely happy if you continued to travel smart. As ever, you could always travel by bicycle more often or use one of the P+Rs. You could even work at home one day to avoid the rush hour. Every move you make helps to keep our city and region accessible. And we'll need you to keep on travelling smart into the future.

We’re not done yet!

Traffic is now using the new Noorderbrug, and there are some changes to the flows of traffic . This marks a major milestone in the project, but we're not done yet. Closures and diversions will still be necessary until the end of 2018, when the works are scheduled for completion. From September onwards, ‘Buurproject’ A2 Maastricht will start the last big job to complete the traffic system at Geusselt: the redevelopment of Viaductweg and Terblijterweg. Traffic to and from the surrounding neighbourhoods should expect long-term closures and diversions.

Keep up to date

In short, expect lots of changes to the way you access Maastricht. Thankfully, our newsletter and Facebook page will keep you up to date on the current situation and smart travel alternatives.