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Test different e-bikes for transport!

If you are a business owner in South Limburg and would like to see whether there is an alternative for your delivery van, you can now test the Ebike4Delivery for free for two weeks in addition to the electric cargo bike thanks to Maastricht Bereikbaar.

We are rolling out a new campaign in South Limburg just for business owners: ‘Ontdek de Ebike4Delivery’ (Discover the Ebike4Delivery). During this campaign, you can use a free two-week trial to test whether this special e-bike could add extra value to your company. The Ebike4Delivery is a cost-saving, sustainable, and innovative solution with many applications. Examples include delivering sandwiches, pizzas, medicines, meals, and packages. 

The range of electric bicycles

For some business owners, a regular e-bike is not practical for transporting or delivering their goods such as small packages, binders, other products. On the other hand, an electric cargo bike may be too large or difficult to manoeuvre in the narrow streets in the city centre. This is where the Ebike4Delivery shines! Our campaign allows you to test which e-bike suits your business best, free of charge! 

How does it work?

  • For more information, or to sign up straight away, please visit the Ebike4Delivery page on our website.
  • Ebike4Delivery will then contact you to schedule your trial period.
  • We will deliver the Ebike4Delivery to your business and collect it when the trial ends.
  • After the trial, we will make an appointment to discuss your experiences.