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Temporarily changed traffic arrangements at Geusselt

Since 24 September there have been changes to the traffic set-up at the Geusselt intersection for road users headed north. These changes are temporary. The “dive under” at Terblijterweg is now being utilised. Also, traffic travelling from Viaductweg and Terblijterweg towards Eindhoven/Heerlen now uses the new onramp to the A2/A79.

What has changed?

Until the gradual opening of the A2 tunnel at New Years 2016/2017 the following traffic arrangements will stay in place at the Geusselt intersection:

  • Traffic on the A2/N2 travelling from Liège towards Eindhoven will do so via the dive-under (therefore no need to pass the traffic lights at the Geusselt intersection).
  • Traffic travelling on Terblijterweg and Viaductweg towards Eindhoven/Heerlen do so via the new onramp.
  • Detours are clearly signposted, however these new traffic arrangements require road users to be alert and follow the directions as requested.

View the new traffic arrangements at the Geusselt intersection

Did you miss your turn off?

Traffic travelling northwards along the N2 must turn off before the Geusselt intersection in order to continue onwards via the “dive-under” below Terblijterweg. If you’ve missed the turn off or lost your way, don’t worry. You can also just continue onwards towards the Geusselt intersection and take the onramp to the A2/A9 at Terblijterweg. This alternative route is also clearly signposted.

Further information

This temporary change in traffic arrangements at Geusselt is enabling the construction of new junctions for the A2 tunnel. Would you like to know more? Go to