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Special event bicycle parking

In June and July there will be extra bicycle parking provided by Maastricht Council and Maastricht Bereikbaar during special events in order to reduce disruption and ensure bicycles can access these events.

5Sprong festival – 27 June
The hospitality businesses located on the Vijfsprong are organising a festival on Saturday 27 June. This is the first year for the 5Sprong festival, it’s replacing the traditional St Pieter’s fair which always took place at the Vijfsprong. The festival has a varied programme, where good music and delicious food take centre stage. We’ll be providing extra bicycle parking along the Vijfsprong (Mergelweg/Luikerweg) to ensure that you can safely and easily park your bicycle at the festival. 

21 July
Belgian National Day is on 21 July and we’re expecting it to be extra busy in Maastricht. So we’re organsing extra bicyle parking on the forecourt at Mosae Forum and on the Vrijthof in front of café de Perroen.