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Results from the ‘Band op Spanning’ campaign at P+R Maastricht Noord

On Thursday 10 August, the team from the company Band op Spanning was pumping up tyres free of charge for people who parked at P+R Maastricht Noord. Band op Spanning found that 76% of tyres they checked were not inflated properly. Regular checks of your tyre pressure can save you lots of money and make sure your car is safer on the road.

If your tyres are not inflated properly, your car will use more fuel, be less comfortable to drive, and could even be less safe. 42 cars were checked during the campaign at P+R Maastricht Noord, 32 of which had tyres that were under-inflated (that's a whole 76%). While one car also had a flat tyre, the Band op Spanning team managed to prevent five cases of premature tyre damage.


Now that the tyres are at the right pressure, the drivers of these 32 cars will save a total of 152 litres of petrol and 569 kilograms of CO2 a year. The total annual savings in terms of petrol and tyre maintenance costs come to €646, with the average annual saving for each car checked amounting to €15.38.

Other advantages

Having the right tyre pressure also helps to:

  • improve traffic safety thanks to a shorter braking distance.
  • reduce the emission of particulates. Of the 1.5% of particulates resulting from worn tyres on private cars, 13% (or 0.2% of total emissions in the Netherlands) are caused by under-inflation.
  • reduce noise from traffic thanks to improved rolling distance.
  • make your car more comfortable to drive.

So all in all, it's worth making sure your tyres are properly inflated.