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Programme partner Ericsson opens a new office in Maastricht-Zuid

Maastricht Bereikbaar programme partner Ericsson moved to Maastricht-Zuid in October. In its cooperation with Vodafone, the new office allows for fewer staff travel movements, and it also enables employees to easily get to work by train. This fits perfectly with the objectives of Maastricht Bereikbaar as well as smart and sustainable business operations.

The office has moved from its former location in Stein to the business park in Wyck, Maastricht-Zuid, where the MECC and Maastricht University are also located. The new office accommodates some 200 employees. The location of the new Ericsson office is closer to home for more than half of the employees, is situated next to the NS railway station and is just 2 kilometres from Vodafone, one of Ericsson’s clients.

Fewer travel movements

Many Ericsson employees in the south of the Netherlands have daily dealings with Vodafone. The extra travel distance was 20 kilometres, and it has been reduced to 2 kilometres. This saves a massive amount of time and money. The new office in Maastricht is much better suited to the Ericsson philosophy. Besides the fact that it is more cost efficient, the quality of the building is much better i.e. sustainability, noise, layout, climate control and lighting. Furthermore, this works seamlessly with Maastricht Bereikbaar’s objectives to work smarter and reduce travel movements.

Collaborating on sustainability

Ericsson initially partnered with Maastricht Bereikbaar due to the relocation project, however it’s also true that the company believes that sustainability is of paramount importance. That’s why in turn, Maastricht Bereikbaar attended the opening of the new office building. Read the complete press release here (in Dutch).