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Presentation on behavioural change in Greece

In June 2016 Maastricht Bereikbaar project leaders Casper Stelling and Lisette Hoeke will give a presentation in Athens about the approach to sustainable behavioural change in mobility during ECOMM (European Congress for Mobility Management.

ECOMM is a three-day event that is organised annually in Europe, this year it falls on 1, 2 and 3 June. Various mobility themes will be discussed, including methods for behavioural change. During the congress, the Maastricht Bereikbaar project leaders will have the opportunity to discuss our approach in detail. 

10-step plan

Achieving behavioural change is not easy and takes time. Maastricht Bereikbaar uses a step-by-step method to guide participants in making the switch from the car to smart and sustainable travel alternatives. This 10-step plan provides an effective approach and great results in sustainable behavioural change. In June 2015, Maastricht Bereikbaar won an award for this approach (the Beter Benutten Gedragsaward – Better Utilisation Behaviour Award).