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Over 400 fewer peak hour car journeys thanks to Maastricht Bereikbaar autumn campaign

We’re at the halfway point in our autumn campaign “Waarvoor laat jij de auto staan?” (“What would make you ditch the car?”). Nineteen teams of employees have swapped the car for the train, the bus, the bicycle or the e-bike. In total, we reduced journeys made using the car during peak hour by 434 (statistics from public transport until 15 November; bicycle and e-bike 17 November 2014).

Campaign participants commute for free by public transport, e-bike or bicycle for 30 days. From those participants, 32 have borrowed a e-bike from Maastricht Bereikbaar, 17 are using a Maastricht Bereikbaar public transport travelcard and 7 participants are commuting using their own bicycle.

Throughout the campaign they are being coached by a colleague who is a seasoned expert at travelling “smart”. For each day that the participants leave the car at home, their team coach receives a reward of €4 for each day cleverly commuted. The sum can reach a maximum of €500. Nine teams are donating these rewards to charity. Those teams’ end total is then granted a further bonus of 50% of that total. We’re looking at a current total of €1,224 raised for charity so far.