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Ongoing development of the station area in Maastricht

Over the past year, the station area in Wyck has been given a new look. Bicycles disappeared into the underground bicycle-parking facilities and the street-level station area was redeveloped. The redevelopment of the station area will continue in 2019. The bus stop for international buses on Meerssenerweg will be moved. Dutch Railways (NS) will renovate the railway station and will work with the municipality and ProRail to build an indoor scooter parking facility inside the station building. The scooter parking facility is expected to open to the public in mid-2019.

Because of the increasing number of international buses stopping in Maastricht, there is not enough space for the buses at the rear of the station on Meerssenerweg. This bus station will therefore be moved to the former ProRail shunting yard on Meerssenerweg, which has sufficient space to accommodate a bus station. We expect to open the new bus station for international buses to the public in mid-2019. 

More parking facilities for scooters

On 1 January 2018, the underground bicycle-parking facility at Maastricht railway station was opened to the public. This facility can house 3,000 bicycles and 40 mopeds/scooters in a safe and dry environment, free of charge for the first 24 hours. A number of temporary parking space reserved for mopeds and scooters were created during the previous year on Stationsplein square. In mid-2019, a new indoor scooter parking facility will be built inside the station building where Oan de Stasie’s parking facility was previously located. The new parking facility can be accessed via a separate entrance at the side of the railway station. 

Updates on the feasibility study

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