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One week until the closure of the Noorderbrug bridge

We can't stress it enough: the closure of Noorderbrug bridge from 7 to 21 August 2017 will mean a lot of traffic disruption and congestion on various routes in and around the city; for example, on and around the Kennedybrug bridge, the diversion route for traffic between the A2 and the city centre. This is why we're calling on everyone to travel smart.

So grab the train, bus, bicycle, or e-bike, or travel via a P+R to limit disruption and do your bit to help improve access to the city. We need people to swap their cars for another mode of transport!  

Smart travel campaigns for everyone

There are many smart, money-saving travel campaigns for everyone to enjoy, including:

  • train and bus tickets for €2.
  • a free monthly subscription for P+R Maastricht Noord for current season-ticket holders
  • a free trial of an e-bike or use of the bicycle-sharing scheme in the city, plus a competition each week you travel by bicycle
  • one month's unlimited travel with Maastricht city buses for €20.

Employees at one of Maastricht Bereikbaar's partners can also take part in even more campaigns. Choose the one that suits you best, but don't wait too long – some of the campaigns are ‘first come, first served’ limited offers! 

Diversions and temporary traffic measures

While Noorderbrug is closed, all road traffic crossing the Meuse will travel to and from the centre over Kennedybrug. Traffic will be diverted via John F. Kennedysingel, Maasboulevard, and vice versa. Look at our Smart Map for the routes. In addition to this, there will be several temporary traffic measures at various points in the city to ensure that traffic flows as smoothly as possible during the closure. All road users – including moped users, cyclists, and pedestrians – must remain alert to the changed situations and follow the yellow signs closely. 

Tips for motorists

We understand that not everyone has the option of swapping their car for another mode of transport. But if you do need to travel by car, try to drive outside the peak hours. Besides that, try to avoid John F. Kennedybrug by parking on the side of the Meuse you are coming from. Have a look at our smart tips for motorists to help you plan your journey. However you travel, bear in mind that your journey may take longer. Look at our Smart Map for up-to-date information on congestion levels. 

New situation as of 21 August

According to the schedule, road traffic will be able to use the new Noorderbrug route on the morning of Monday 21 August 2017. However, please note that the situation will have changed.The slip road to Noorderbrug and the exit to the city centre (Boschstraat/Bosscherweg) will no longer be accessible. From 21 August 2017 until the summer of 2018, motorists will be diverted via Cabergerweg and Frontensingel. The footpath and cycle path over Noorderbrug will remain closed until summer 2018.

We’re not done yet!

While work is under way, there will be constant changes to routes in and out of the city and region. Of course, this will mean some level of disruption. Thankfully, A2 Maastricht will be working through the autumn to make sure the entire traffic system is complete. The changes to the junction layout at Meerssenerweg-Viaductweg and the completion of the Geusselt junction both mean new closures and new diversions. The work on the new Noorderbrug route will last until the end of 2018.

Keep up to date

You can read our newsletter and follow our Facebook for up-to-date information on works, traffic, and transport. If you would like more information on the works and technical operation of ‘sliding in’ the new bridge section, please visit This site also has a live webcam where you can watch the works.