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Ondernemend Wyck wins the first ever Maastricht Bereikbaar Award

On 21 November Nol Beckers, chairperson of Ondernemend Wyck (Enterprising Wyck) will receive the first ever Maastricht Bereikbaar Award, presented by Katya Ivanova, chairperson of the judging panel. The judges praised the complex initiative that Wyck-based entrepreneurs collaborated upon. These dedicated business owners invested a great deal of energy creating a partnership between private and public parties with the aim of improving the accessibility of the area.

The idea behind the award is to make entrepreneurs more aware of the role they can play in improving the accessibility of their organisation, and the positive knock-on effects this can have on the city and the surrounding areas. The Maastricht Bereikbaar Award is one of the five annual Maastricht Awards that recognise entrepreneurial achievement in the region and promote excellence in entrepreneurship.

New award

This is the first year that the Maastricht Bereikbaar Award has been awarded. The idea behind the award is to make entrepreneurs more aware of the role they can play in improving the accessibility of their organisation, and the positive knock-on effects this can have on the city and the surrounding areas. The motto is: Together we keep Maastricht accessible! The judging panel consisted of Katya Ivanova (chairperson and Maastricht Bereikbaar Programme Manager), Denis Florack (MUMC+) and Ton Harmes (Dominicanen bookshop).


Although there were great differences between the entries, they were all contributing to the common interest of improving the quality of life and accessibility of the city. At the same time, the entries displayed the benefits that accessibility improvements hold for the business itself: reducing costs, responsible employment, CSR awareness and CO2 emission reductions. In each case a win-win situation for both business and our community. The judges weighed up what the different organisations were doing to promote accessibility and what new initiatives they were employing to encourage smart accessibility in the future. Three entries were nominated for the final selection: Demarrage Fietskoeriers, Envida and Ondernemend Wyck.

  • Demarrage Fietskoeriers is a rapidly growing company that brings your important parcels from A to B. The business carries out more than 12,000 deliveries per month, both within Maastricht and across other cities in the region, each first and last mile being delivered by bicycle. Due to the fact that the bicycle is the most sustainable means of transportation, the panel of judges called on all businesses in Maastricht and surrounding areas to look into the use of bicycle couriers to see if it is a viable option for their respective delivery requirements.
  • Envida employs many staff and has an ambitious set of measures in place for the workday commute, as well as making their care-related mobility requirements smarter and more sustainable. This has been achieved through, among other things, the deployment of a high-quality pool of company vehicles and e-bikes for staff. The judging panel wishes Envida much success with the development of these plans and stressed that although not the winner this year, the company is well on the way to achieving smart and sustainable mobility.
  • Ondernemend Wyck is the entrepreneur’s association that represents the collective interests of businesses and residents in Wyck. Ondernemend Wyck is eager to improve the accessibility, liveability and vitality of Wyck. An important point for them was to make the organisation of delivery and collection traffic smarter, the improvement of which in turn solved the problem of congestion through the loading and unloading of deliverables. Encouraging employees and visitors to travel smart reduced “search traffic” (looking for parking spaces) in the area. The approach that they proposed has quite possibly had a massive impact on Wyck’s residential quality and accessibility.

Assessment and winning entry

The three nominees entries were completely different in nature and all deserved to win. The judges viewed Ondernemend Wyck’s efforts as somewhat superior due to the amount of cooperation involved between businesses, residents, various council services and private service providers. The judges found the collaboration a complex challenge and hopes that the granting of the first Maastricht Bereikbaar Award gives all businesses the encouragement they need to achieve all their ambitions.

Initiative and organisation

The Maastricht Awards 2016 is an initiative for and by entrepreneurs, initiated by Maastricht Council, Centrummanagement, Gastvrij Maastricht, Maastricht Bereikbaar, Podium 24 and Immens with representatives from the retail, hospitality, manufacturing and service sectors. The Maastricht Awards are made possible through the generous contributions from chief sponsor Rabobank Maastricht and many other sponsors and partners.