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Night-time closures for regular maintenance on A2 tunnel in Maastricht

Rijkswaterstaat carries out regular maintenance works on all tunnels, including the Koning Willem-Alexander tunnel (A2 in Maastricht), to ensure that they function properly and are safe. The first maintenance works will be on two evenings and nights in January.

Night-time closures

Rijkswaterstaat will perform the maintenance works during night-time hours in order to minimize disruption to traffic. The first maintenance works will be performed at the following times:

  • Closure of lower tunnel pipes on A2: Wednesday 18 January at 10 PM to Thursday 19 January at 6 AM
  • Closure of upper tunnel pipes on A2: Thursday 19 January at 10 PM to Friday 20 January at 6 AM

Advantage of two-layered tunnel

The two-layered design of the tunnel is really useful during the regular maintenance works that are carried out several times a year by Rijkswaterstaat. It is a conscious choice to leave part of the tunnel open. This is because traffic will flow via the upper tunnel when maintenance works are performed on the lower tunnel pipes, and will flow via the lower tunnel when maintenance is performed on the upper tunnel. However, traffic headed towards Maastricht city centre will be diverted during maintenance works. Any diversions are indicated on the signs along the road. Disruption to traffic is, however, expected to be rather limited.

Planned maintenance

The two night-time closures in January are part of a series of planned maintenance works in 2017. The scheduling of the maintenance works takes into account holiday periods, public holidays, and announced events taking place locally, which will attract many visitors who will use the A2 and N2. This year, Rijkswaterstaat will close the Koning Willem-Alexander tunnel a total of ten times for maintenance. This will involve seven night-time closures spread over Wednesday and Thursday nights. More maintenance will be needed in three cases, during which the tunnel will be partially closed four nights in a row.

More information

For more information on maintenance work, please visit Rijkswaterstaat's website or A2 Maastricht's website. Our Smart Map provides up-to-date information on road closures, diversions, and congestion levels.