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New routes for local traffic at A2 Maastricht

The final works on the traffic system for A2 Maastricht are well under way, and the aim is to have all components of the Koning Willem-Alexander tunnel ready for use on 9 April 2017. However, once again, this will mean new traffic routes for traffic travelling in the city or region.

If the works at the Europaplein junction progress according to plan, the local traffic that is now still above-ground will be directed underground on 9 April 2017. From that point, the temporary N2 (President Rooseveltlaan) between Geusselt and Europaplein will be permanently closed to traffic from north to south and vice versa. Meanwhile, traffic from east to west and vice versa may continue as normal.

Changes as of 9 April 2017

  • Traffic from Eindhoven and Heerlen toward Maastricht-Centrum Zuid or Cadier en Keer will travel through the N2 tunnel tube and take exit 54 at the end of the tunnel (to John F. Kennedysingel).
  • Traffic from Noorderbrug or Viaductweg and Terblijterweg southbound will travel through the N2 tunnel tube and take exit 54 (to John F. Kennedysingel) at the end of the tunnel toward Maastricht Centrum-Zuid or Cadier en Keer. If you want to go to Maastricht-Zuid or Liège, then follow the A2.
  • Traffic from the John F. Kennedysingel heading north will take the new slip road to the N2 tunnel tube. For Maastricht-Centrum Noord or Berg en Terblijt, take exit 53 at the end of the tunnel (toward Geusselt). For Eindhoven and Heerlen, stay on the A2.
  • The slip road from John F. Kennedysingel to A2 toward Liège will be open to traffic once again from 9 April.

  • Exit 45 for traffic from Liège to Maastricht-Centrum Zuid and Cadier en Keer (John F. Kennedysingel) will remain closed until 25 April (6 AM).

  • The temporary roundabout at Europaplein will be dismantled, after which traffic will travel on the new lanes on John F. Kennedysingel. 

For more information on routes and road signs, please visit:

Please look at the road signs!

Some signs on the A2 are still masked with tape, but this will change as of 9 April. If you follow the signs to your destination, you will automatically be guided to the correct lane. Make sure you know what the new names on the signs mean, and remember to turn off your satnav.

Cycle routes at Europaplein

The cycle routes at Europaplein will also change as of 9 April:

  • Cyclists and moped users travelling toward Heer or Cadier en Keer will be able to use the cycle path on the south side of Kennedysingel and the new Sibema tunnel.
  • Cyclists and moped users travelling toward Céramique and Centrum-Zuid will still have to follow the temporary cycle route currently in place.
  • Look at the routes for cyclists and moped users at Europaplein

Keep up to date

Please note that the 9 April date is not fixed and may change depending on weather conditions or the progress of work. Rest assured that we will keep you up to date. The final works on the traffic system for A2 Maastricht will be ongoing until summer 2017. Please visit for more information on the works.