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Maastricht central bus station relocated from 22 May

The construction works for the underground bicycle parking area at Maastricht central station requires more room, so the city bus station (under the awnings) will move up next to the regional bus station area.

The construction works have already begun. The buses will continue to operate during the construction works, however, from 22 May 2016 the buses will depart from an alternate location. The Veolia timetables will then also change slightly to accommodate the move. 

What’s going to change?

City buses will no longer stop at the current bus station area opposite the l’Empereur hotel. The city bus station will move further up the street where the regional buses arrive and depart. From 22 May 2016 the regional bus stops will be adapted to ensure both regional and city buses can operate from this area. The buses will continue to operate during the construction works. 

Where can I change buses?

The newly adapted bus station will be ready for use on Sunday 22 May 2016. The bus stops will then be in a slightly alternate location. This may take some getting used to. There will be staff on hand during the morning peak hour to assist with enquiries. The bus station will remain at its alternate location until the end of 2017. 

New timetable

There will be a new timetable in place from 22 May 2016. Buses will not be able to travel via Stationstraat during the construction of the new underground bicycle parking area. All buses, including the city buses, will operate via the regional bus station. This will mean extra travel time for the buses operating to Maastricht South and Maastricht East. To preserve the connection timings between routes as much as possible, there have been minor changes made to bus timetables throughout the whole of South Limburg. You can find the important changes and the live departure times at the Veolia website.

More information

Please go to op for more information about the underground bicycle parking area construction works.