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Maastricht Bereikbaar wants your opinion!

Do you enjoy sharing your opinion about Maastricht and South Limburg’s accessibility and for example; Working Smarter, your commute and alternative approaches to travel? Then register for Maastricht Bereikbaar’s traveller’s panel and you’ll receive occasional surveys from us about mobility, travel choices and accessibility. Your opinion is valuable to us and helps us improve the the accessibility of Maastricht and the region of South Limburg.

Collect points

You receive points each time that you complete a survey. You can then use these points to win wonderful prizes. The more surveys you complete, the more chances you have to win the prizes that will be allocated on a yearly basis by Maastricht Berikbaar. You can also select which prize you would most like to win. 

Registration and more information

Your participation in our panel is valuable to us, and in accordance with our terms and conditions, it remains voluntary and your privacy is guaranteed. Membership can be easily registered or cancelled via Maastricht Bereikbaar is working in collaboration with an independent research agency FlyCatcher to manage this panel. If you have queries regarding the panel itself or the way in which the research is carried out, please contact FlyCatcher via email at