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Kennedybrug construction works and Travel Smarter offer weeks

During the construction works surrounding the Kennedybrug in September and October, Maastricht Bereikbaar offered travel alternatives to employees who must cross the bridge in their work day commute. The construction works will continue until November and completion is expected in spring 2016.

Offers in September and October

A total of 75 participants took advantage of the Travel Smarter four weeks free bus travel offer during September and October. There were also 113 commuters who accepted the offer of four weeks free use of an e-bike. As a result of their “ditching the car”, the participants contributed to the increased accessibility of Maastricht. The figures will be more extensively evaluated later this year. This evaluation will be based on the results received from the surveyed participants of the e-bike and bus travel offers.

Continuation construction works

There will be continuing minor construction works along the Prins Bisschopsingel access road and along Sint Lambertuslaan to create the proposed bus lane. The last part of the construction works, the changes to Koningin Emmaplein, is expected to be carried out in spring 2016.

Be well prepared for your journey

These construction works are necessary so that Maastricht is well prepared for the new regional bus schedules and the new bus services between Gulpen and Meerssen that runs through Maastricht. The construction works can be somewhat inconvenient at times, so ensure that you are well prepared for your journey by checking our range of services, eg the Smart Map before you depart.