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#ikreisslim: Henny Tomlow about the in Beweging rewards programme

Henny Tomlow works at MUMC+ and tells us about his experience with the in Beweging (on the move) rewards programme.

‘Every initiative that contributes to improved accessibility is a good initiative!’

‘I have been using the TimesUpp app for two weeks now, which helps me save for cash and gifts by using my bicycle instead of the car. A little while ago I also participated in Burn Fat not Fuel programme. For both of these I used a normal bicycle, not an e-bike. I bought a light-weight, fast bicycle through the bicycle scheme of the hospital. It's great if employers motivate their employees to come to work on their bicycles. I always try to cycle as much as possible and I'm becoming more aware of how I travel. When my children were small, the car was a more practical solution, but now that they are bigger I can travel by bicycle more frequently. This app is like a type of bicycle computer and I enjoy monitoring data like my average speed, distance, etc.

I'm really enjoying the cycling and I'm doing it especially for the exercise and the travelling time. But the infrastructure for cyclists remains an issue. The quality of the cycling paths needs to be improved while traffic safety is problematic. These things are obstacles to people choosing their bicycles over their cars. The Kennedybrug is especially an area of contention as the crossings are often incredibly busy. It might be a solution for cars to have reduced right of way. I would also like to see the app becoming ‘proud’ of your behaviour - something like that would keep me motivated. Maastricht Bereikbaar is a wonderful initiative and the app works great as well. 

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