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#ikreisslim: Germaine Delnoye talks about public transport

Germaine Delnoye, who works for the Municipality of Heerlen, tells us about her experiences of public transport.

'When you travel to work by train, you arrive relaxed.'

'I took part in Maastricht Bereikbaar's 'Ontdek het OV' (discover public transport) campaign. During the campaign, I travelled by train from where I live in Echt to my work in Heerlen. I think travelling by train is great because you can relax, read, and have a bit of time for yourself. You can't do that in a car, because you have to watch out for everything.

I didn't take out a subscription when the campaign finished, because I work part-time and it was too expensive. Actually, now it really only pays off to subscribe if you work full time. That's a pity because I really would like to travel by train. So the free card is an extra reason to take the train, but it would be great if there was also a public transport subscription for part-time workers.

When I can, I go by bike as much as possible, but the distance between my home and the place where I work is just too long. I do save on travel time and costs in another way, by using “shared seats”. I regularly work in the office at Sittard town hall instead of in Heerlen.'

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