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#ikreisslim: Denise Voncken on P+R Maastricht Noord

Denise Voncken, who works at Munnichs in Maastricht, talks about her experiences using P+R Maastricht Noord.

"If I could, I’d travel every workday using P+R Maastricht Noord."

"I’ve been using P+R Maastricht Noord since January 2016 after hearing some advice from a couple of co-workers. I park at the P+R area and travel onwards into town on the no.100 shuttle bus on Mondays, Tuesdays and sometimes also on Wednesdays – it depends a little on which days I’ve been scheduled to work. Due to the fact that the no.100 shuttle bus timetable doesn’t suit my working hours, I unfortunately have to commute by train on Thursdays and Saturdays. 

Travelling via P+R Maastricht Noord is incredibly ideal for a workday commute. It is cost effective and you don’t have to drive into the city centre. What I must also convey is, just how friendly the shuttle bus drivers are. They are so helpful and accommodating and acknowledge you when you use the service. Sometimes they even wait for you if you need to buy a ticket from the ticket machine.

In August I received a very welcome surprise from a couple of Maastricht Bereikbaar employees who were waiting by the bus shelter at P+R Maastricht Noord. Apparently I was the 100,000passenger in 2016. I was completely perplexed. I received a bunch of flowers and a one-month travelcard for the P+R area, such a wonderful surprise.

Just as a tip, I would like to suggest that the shuttle bus operate later into the evening on Thursdays and start earlier on Saturday mornings. This would be a godsend for retail personnel and their customers. When I have to work later than the shuttle bus operates, I travel by train directly back to where I live in Klimmen, as I’m not comfortable walking from the deserted Maastricht Noord train station to the P+R area. If the shuttle bus were to operate after 19:00 on Thursdays and before 10:00 on Saturdays it would also be more cost effective for me to purchase a monthly travel card for the P+R area, so I can use the shuttle bus on all of my work days.