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#IkReisSlim: Clint Kisters about P+R Maastricht Noord

Clint Kisters, who works at Maastricht Council tells us about his experiences using P+R Maastricht Noord.

"I find the P+R incredibly convenient. I step straight out of the car, into the shuttle bus and then out again at the front entrance to work.”

"I travel to work from Heerlen together with two colleagues. We have a permit for the parking area underneath the Noorderbrug, which is approximately five minutes walk from the council chambers. Since December, on the days that I travel alone, I use the P+R area at Maastricht Noord. I had heard about the P+R area and the shuttle bus from a colleague and it works well.

It is convenient that the bus stop is just at the entrance to the council chambers at Mosae Forum. I would recommend to other commuters to give it a try. Parking in the city centre is just so expensive, so it’s a great advantage that you can park for free at P+R Maastricht Noord and travel onwards into town for €1 return. Also, when the weather is bad, I can alight at the front entrance to my work, and that is terribly convenient. And after work, the shuttle bus brings you straight back to your car. In the last few months, there have been more colleagues making the switch. I find it a wonderful way to travel and use it whenever I need it.