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#ikreisslim: Ariana Scheepers on her e-bike and public transport

Ariana Scheepers, who works at Limburg's provincial police department, tells us about her experience with ‘travelling smart’ while Noorderbrug bridge was closed.

‘Cycling with the e-bike helped me avoid all the trouble with Noorderbrug being closed.’

‘While Noorderbrug was closed, my son and I took part in a free, one-month e-bike trial courtesy of Maastricht Bereikbaar. It was great weather during the trial period, which made the experience all the better. We avoided all the trouble with Noorderbrug being closed. Although we both live in the Daalhof neighbourhood, I work on Prins Bisschopsingel and my son works in De Heeg neighbourhood. We took the e-bikes to work every day. Alongside my job at the police department, I volunteer at Kindervallei in Valkenburg (I used my e-bike to travel there as well). I really enjoyed the ride, cycling through forest and past De Geulhemermolen restaurant. It was great! The longest journey I made during the trial month was to Heerlen, where my mum was celebrating her birthday. I wouldn't have done that on my normal bicycle – it takes one and a half hours – but it was so easy with the e-bike.

We also used the special €2 bus ticket while Noorderbrug was closed. A group of four of us travelled from Daalhof to the train station and then took the bus to Aachen. We still don't have a German environmental sticker for our car. Going with the bus meant we didn't have to buy an environmental sticker and also didn't have to pay for parking. We really enjoyed our day out and the free trial.’