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#ikreisslim: Anieta Koenen talks about P+R Maastricht Noord

Anieta Koenen tells us about travelling via P+R Maastricht Noord.

"Every time I catch the shuttle bus, I’m amazed, again."

"I’ve been using P+R Maastricht Noord since it opened. At first I only used it in the weekends and on public holidays, but now I also use it during the week. I am really quite enthusiastic about the convenience of the service. I travel from Sittard about once a week and I take the no.100 bus into Maastricht town centre. Since I’ve been travelling via P+R Maastricht Noord, I don’t do much shopping in Sittard any more. It’s a really ideal way to travel from the north. I mostly travel with my daughter who still lives at home, and sometimes with my girlfriends, we either stop at a terrasje (pavement café) or grab something to eat. I’m also more likely to go to the markets in Maastricht nowadays.

I recommend it to everyone: use it! It makes a difference in your journey time because you’re not stuck in traffic on your way there or the way back, and it’s cheaper. When I used to park at Mosae Forum I figured that I used to pay €12, €14 or €16 at the parking machine, which I find a waste of money. Every time that I find myself back in the shuttle bus, I’m amazed, again. You know what’s also fantastic? I travelled for free for the whole of August with the “earn your ticket back” promotion at Coffeelovers Dominicanen. I always go there to enjoy a cup of coffee when I’m in Maastricht, so this promotion was a wonderful bonus for me.

If I were to give a tip it would be to extend the shuttle bus operating hours past 21:00 on “koopavonden” (late night shopping nights). Due to health reasons, I don’t have the energy to walk all the way back to the train station after an evening’s shopping. Otherwise, I think it’s a super service offered by Maastricht!”