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From 28 November P+R Maastricht Noord shuttle bus operates 7 days a week

From 28 November 2015 the no.100 shuttle bus will travel between the P+R area at Maastricht Noord and the Markt in Maastricht not only during weekends, but also Monday to Friday. Maastricht Bereikbaar and the Province of Limburg are offering commuters as well as day trippers the opportunity to travel to the centre of town quickly, easily and for less.

The shuttle bus will operate weekdays, four times an hour between 07:00-19:00.  During weekends, the shuttle bus will continue to operate between 10:00-19:00. A return ticket on the no.100 bus will cost €1 per person from 28 November (previously €1 per car parked). Children up to 12 years old travel free. 

Four shuttle buses per hour

The P+R area is reachable within two minutes from the A2 (exit 52, Maastricht Noord). From there the shuttle bus departs four times an hour (alongside the option to catch the train at the regular ticket price which runs twice hourly). The shuttle bus travels via the Wilhelminabrug to its destination of the bus stop at Mosae Forum.

Why the expansion to weekdays?

Last year the shuttle bus operated on 136 days, mostly in the weekend, but also during Magisch Maastricht and other special events. During this time, approximately 63,000 people used this service. According to research carried out on passengers, 84% would also travel into town during the week using the shuttle bus service. The expansion to weekdays will continue as a trial period for the next year. There will be various evaluations carried out in 2016 regarding the shuttle bus service. At the end of 2016 it will be decided whether this weekday service will continue in 2017.

Ticket purchase

You can purchase shuttle bus tickets from the two ticket machines at the P+R area. You will pay the revised tariff of €1 per person from 28 November 2015. If you would like to travel back to the P+R area at Maastricht Noord after 19:00, you can use your ticket to travel by train back to Maastricht Noord station (on the Veolia Heuvellandlijn) from Maastricht central station. 

Season ticket

For travellers who are going to use the P+R area at Maastricht Noord on a more regular basis, for example to travel the last few kilometres to work, there will be a season ticket available soon. We are developing this concept at the moment, and you can read more about it in the next newsletter.