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Extra congestion as a result of German and Belgian holidays

The German and Belgian holidays on 1 and 2 November (All Saint’s Day [All Hallows] and All Souls’ Day) will cause extra congestion in and around Maastricht. As a result of the final construction works for the Noorderbrug route project, there will be extra congestion on the roads in Maastricht-West as well as those leading to the car parks in the city centre. Read on to find out more about the driving routes and tips on smart travel that will help you avoid traffic congestion.

We expect extra congestion in the city during the following two German and Belgian holidays:

  • Thursday 1 November: All Saint’s Day (All Hallows)
  • Friday 2 November: All Souls’ Day 

Travel advice

During busy days, be sure to travel smart by public transport, bicycle, or by parking at either P+R Maastricht Noord or Zuid on the outskirts of the city. That way, you can avoid delays and congestion. Another option may be to work from home for a day.   

Tips for motorists

If you do have to travel by car, bear in mind that your travel time may take longer and that multistorey car parks will fill up quickly. Park on the side of the Meuse you're coming from and try to avoid the evening rush hour. After 6:30 PM, there will probably be less congestion when driving out of the city. 

Alternative driving routes to and from parking areas  

Please note that construction works in Maastricht-West have led to a number of changes in driving routes to and from a number of parking areas in the city centre. Remember to pay special attention to the yellow road signs!

    • The Cabergerweg and Sphinx parking areas can only be accessed via Cabergerweg. The entries and exits of both parking areas are on Frontensingel. For more information, please see the aerial map.
    • The Mosae Forum underground car park is accessible via the normal route from Noorderbrug bridge. When exiting the Mosae Forum underground car park, you can only turn right towards Maasboulevard. To head towards the A2/A79, you must follow the route via John F. Kennedybrug. 

Plan your journey ahead

You can see the current traffic congestion as well as information on accessibility and availability of car parks on