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Extra bicycle parking during public holidays

Due to the anticipated crowds on 1 & 2 May, the council are going to provide two extra bicycle parking areas in the town centre so you can park your bike with ease and free of charge.


Maastricht is expecting a large number of visitors on and 1 & 2 May due to the fact that on 1 May Belguim and Germany also have a public holiday and because the day after is a Friday, many people will have taken the day off from work for an extra long weekend.


If you would like to come into town during this period, come by bicycle. It’s healthy, environmentally friendly and you avoid the heavy traffic. In the town centre there are many bicycle parking areas, with and without security. On the aforementioned days you can park your bicycle in one of two extra bicycle parking areas, the first is located on the Mosae Forum (in front of the entrance to the council offices) and the other on the Vrijthof (in front of Grandcafé de Perroen). Super easy and for free!