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Extra bicycle parking during events in April and May

On 27 April and 1, 2, 3 and from 8 until 17 May Maastricht Council has organised extra bicycle parking in the centre of town due to the May school holidays and public holidays. An safe and cost-effective way to park your bicycle.

A large number of visitors are expected in Maastricht during this time. 1 May is also a public holiday in Belguim and Germany.


Extra bicycle parking locations

The extra bicycle parking locations can be found at: 

  • Mosae Forum forecourt and Kaizer Karelplein: 27 April (Koningsdag [King’s Day]);
  • Mosae Forum forecourt and in front of the “de Perroen” cafe on the Vrijthof: 1, 2 and 3 May;
  • Mosae Forum forecourt: 14 and 15 May (Hemelvaart [Ascension Day]);
  • In front of the "de Perroen" cade on the Vrijthof: 8 until 17 May (annual fair).

Kesselskade bicycle parking
The supervised bicycle parking area at Kesselkade has extended opening hours from Thursday to Sunday, and it is open on Koningsdag from 13:00-02:30. Here you can park your bike with the knowledge that it is safe and secure while you enjoy a day out in Maastricht.

Come by bike!

Want to come to town during the holiday period, choose the healthy option. Not just healthy for you, also healthy for the environment, and for the roads! Want to know more about bicycle parking in Maastricht, visite: